In June 2021, in collaboration with the Toy Museum of Catalonia, we made the first call to participate in the participatory social project ‘LET’S PLAY?’ We asked the public to tell a memory, experience or story associated with a toy important. 67 participants have made a contribution: thanks to all of them we have been able to set up the exhibition ‘LET’S PLAY?’ Which has now become a space for expression and meeting, meetings that we have missed so much over the years…!



We all have common play experiences, although individual stories are different, in this exhibition we look for the connection between all sharing experiences that are universal.

The pleasure of remembering vital moments and expressing them connects us with those moments of the game that are often intense and unforgettable memories.

Perhaps the most important thing about the game is that it completely breaks with everyday reality. It is the counterpoint of seriousness in our daily lives with all the demands we experience.

Maybe we just experience real freedom and creativity in the game. Even if it is temporary, it frees us from unbridled desires for a while.

As an artist, this is what I also look for in my creative process as a photographer: I play with flat images that I cut, break and gather. Then I add bulky objects to these collages and photograph them, before disassembling the assemblages.

This process allows me to create imagined realities and impossible sculptures only visible through the eye of the camera. In these photos, my father’s and grandmother’s toys have found a new place to relive.