In collaboration with various institutions: schools, museums, associations, art festivals and companies, I organize and give creative photography workshops directly related to my approach on how to boost creativity.

Aside from creating a reliable and secure environment, the 4 points I will mention and explain; Observing, Questioning, Associating and Experimenting are the starting points in the development of activities with the camera that encourage self-confidence and enthusiasm to create.


Being a good observer allows us to take a step back and look at ourselves and others. Creativity rarely occurs in a vacuum. Rather, it comes down to tuning in to what’s going on around us. And tuning in to creative observation requires more than just sight. Sight, touch, sound, taste and smell play an important role in observation and subsequent innovations.

As a result of observing things around us, we can develop a passion for fresh knowledge and a desire to learn and create. Curiosity will lead you to creativity.

We might believe that creativity implies novelty, but it does not have to mean something entirely new, it can also be a varioation to what already exists. Ideas can be connected to existing knowledge. ‘Creativity is questioning conventional standards and the ability to see relationships where none exist’.

And how can we practice free association? … I think we need to be able to play! When we enter the game spontaneously, a lot of possibilities open up before us, playing is a joyful and decisive activity to be able to make associations.

If we have been able to associate freely through play, we can enter the phase of experimentation. Creative work is often described as a process of repeated mistakes until you find something that fits and works.


I usually encourage participants to:

Experiment With Perspective & Angles

Play Around With Scale

Adopt Different Kinds of Light Sources

Create Optical Illusions and Abstracts

Use Props

Photograph a Subject In Different Ways