I help groups to connect with works of art and facilitate meaningful dialogues about perception and interpretation.

“Visible Thinking” is a research-based approach to teaching critical and creative thinking developed by Project Zero researchers and schools since 2000. 

Visible Thinking is making thought visible. Using thinking routines, people can be helped to develop certain skills, such as careful observation, reflective interpretation, and understanding different points of view.

Using ‘Visible Thinking in the Museum’ is more than just a strategy; it provides a flexible structure around which to discuss a work of art or an object and it gives participants – children, young or old – the opportunity to participate and discuss ideas with each other.

After 20 years of experience as an art educator, this year I participated in an intensive training in the method Visible thinking in the museum. (

These new skills have given breadth to my craft and these months I have used the Visible Thinking method in online and face-to-face sessions with groups.

Another way to describe the method would be ‘slow looking’, because the time to look at a work of art is minimum 20 minutes and the maximum can be hours long.

The SLOW MOVEMENT is a current cultural movement that promotes calming human activities.


-Observe art closely, taking time to discover new things.

-Look carefully without rushing to feel the art, to allow the art to affect you.

-Take time to develop a deeper look for a more intense connection with art.