The socio-educational artistic project ‘M’ESTIMO’ seeks to reduce the feeling of unwanted loneliness among young people in Figueres from 12 to 18 years, after almost two years of pandemic and confinement, through the support of the artist Petra Vlasman.

Using photography and the written word as tools of expression, the young people from different groups work on their self-portrait for three months and conclude the workshops with an exhibition in which they carry out guided tours and workshops for visitors.

The aim is to encourage connection and approach to a positive self-concept and self-image in order to contribute to the personal development and self-esteem of the participants.

Unwanted loneliness = The subjective feeling of having less affection and closeness than you want. This sentiment has increased in the current health emergency. The young population is one of the most affected by unwanted loneliness, they have reported suffering from emotional exhaustion, anxiety, depression, stress, anxiety, apathy and discomfort.

In adolescence, there are some changes in social behavior: young people need to be accepted by their peers. The impulse they feel to escape from home leads them to the circle of friends, the gang.

Lockdowns and house arrest orders have caused physical and social distancing, and many young people experience social isolation.

Most teenagers and young people have made a great effort to change their lifestyles from the beginning of the pandemic, to their routines and how to meet their need for contact and social life.