These months I am doing the project ‘Let’s dismantle the selfie!’ With some very beautiful and creative young people from Figueres, within the framework of the Environmental Education Plan.
It is an open and innovative educational cooperation initiative that aims to achieve educational success and contribute to social cohesion through equity, intercultural education, the promotion of coexistence and the use of the Catalan language.

Artistic expression helps young people to discover their skills and talents and can put them at the service of society. Within the format of this project, young people can interact through art.

Photography is the main tool;
Self-portraits contribute to how we look at ourselves and how we define ourselves. It also promotes dialogue and knowledge about each person of the group through their self-portraits.

(Thanks to: Ajuntament de Figueres i Espais Suport Educatiu, Centre Civic Xirau Marca de l’Ham i Centre Civic Creu de la Mà)